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Our Philosophy


For the modern Marketer, the promised land of Internet technology has been reached. In 2004 Internet bandwidth and video delivery technology reached a critical mass that has forever changed the landscape; the days of the 4-color, 4-fold brochure are dead. If a modern business wants to successfully send its message to the world today it has to think in terms of video distribution.

We at Clear Stream Films saw this day coming years ago, and quite frankly, we’re thrilled. The reasoning is simple; if a single picture tells a thousand words, then how incredibly effective can a short (3 to 8 minute) film capture – in a powerful and entertaining fashion – the essence of your product or service.

Clear Stream Films is dedicated to the crafting and production of high-qualify marketing films for mass distribution through the Internet. We believe that the day has come where a company that is not ‘streaming’ its message to the world via the web is at an instant disadvantage to competitors who are doing so.

We humbly offer our dedication, inspiration and talents to any client that agrees with our view of the phenomenal opportunities being presented by the Internet to today’s marketers.

Yours In Vision,

Charlie & Peter

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