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Why Internet Streaming?Avalon 2011 Pontoon Boat

If you sell your product or service on the web, it is not enough to simply have a website. There are thousands of powerful search engines grinding away day and night with the single purpose of directing a potential customer to your e-door. And web-surfers are savvy. You have about 20 seconds to grab and hold their attention. Now, when that customer arrives at your website, what will he find to grab his attention, so that he’ll gladly sit through your entire, entertaining sales pitch? (Here’s a hint; he won’t read your pages of brilliantly written copy…and he won’t read your competitor’s website copy either.)

The answer? What your e-customer will happily sit through is a Clear Stream Media Group; a concise, informative and entertaining filmed overview of your product or service. Our films are crafted to find the meaning behind your product or service; and that meaning will elicit an emotion in the viewer. And that emotion will spur the viewer to action. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, then a 3 – 5 minute film is worth hundreds of thousand of words, minus the boredom.

Enliven your website with a Clear Stream Media CLIP, and Sell Your Story to the World!

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