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Thank you for considering Clear Stream Media Group for your film and/or media project. We would be delighted to be part of your team and look forward to crafting a film that will promote your product or service in a powerful and effective manner for years to come. We are a dedicated group of filmmakers and we take great pride in our work. Should you choose to work with us, we will always give you 100% of our time and effort, guaranteed. All our films must be entertaining, informative and effective. That is our promise to you.


We have a few important points that we would like to mention to help you in making your decision as to whom to trust for this important assignment. Please read these points carefully.  The better understanding our clients have of the whole process, the better their finished film will be.



This is the time prior to actual production where questions are raised and answers formulated. We need your input as regards the information conveyed and direction the film takes. More than just a list of people to interview, we are most interested in learning about the passion behind your product or service, and what makes it special and unique. We will need to draft an outline for the film, and to discuss tone and direction for the film. Please schedule time to speak with us at least a few weeks before the scheduled filming. Additionally, we will be relying on you, the client, to get your people together for interviews, and to make sure that they are wearing clothing appropriate to the film. (Note: No striped shirts or blouses. Solid colors are preferable.) Please start scheduling your on-camera people soon. Based on the budget for your project, interview days are likely to be limited. Remember, if we don’t get it the first time, we may not get it again.



We understand that having filmmakers around can unsettle normal routine for a short while, but the results are more than worth the effort. As our job is to make the best film possible, we will try getting to know you and your staff in the brief time we will have together. We will always be courteous to your supporters and others that you bring to the production, but once we set a time for the filming, we will be on a deadline to get what we need. Please help by making sure that everyone we need to speak with is available and scheduled. Also, please make sure that the location that we are using is quiet, if possible. Noise is often a big problem, and one that is extremely hard to fix. And please try to have a variety of people to speak on camera including some people who are not members of your staff, to give honest testimonials about your product or service.



1. Within 30 days of completion of shooting, we will send an edited version of your film to you for review. We call this version the ‘producers’ cut. At this point you will have the opportunity to submit to us ONE set of NOTES. Please determine the person from your group or company who will submit, on behalf of the group, one set of written notes that will detail any and all information that must be changed. This is also the time to submit a list of LOWER THIRD CREDITS for your on-camera people (if you want a credit over their image when they first appear on-camera, this is called a LOWER-THIRD), and for the end of the film (END CREDITS). These credits are included in your film at no extra charge but we need to get this information as soon as possible. Also some basic GRAPHICS are included so if you have some statistics that need to be shown, please get us the information as early as possible.


2. There are two types of requests for content changes at this time. One is for something that must be changed (statistical or factual) and the other is for something you would like to be changed for other concerns. We will try to accommodate all reasonable requests but if we are getting new information for inclusion after shooting and editing have finished, we cannot address these changes without adding cost to your project. We will try to keep those costs down, but little things often take a long time to change. A film is very often a house of cards in that if you change one thing it has a ripple effect and can really throw other things out of whack.


3. All films require Music. We have an in-house library of outstanding compositions with which to choose to frame your film. If you have a particular piece of music you’d like to use we encourage that; just know that the licensing of music from third parties is extremely expensive. (Also, the use of copyrighted music without approval is illegal and is not condoned by Clear Stream Films.)


4. Once we have received your written notes, we will schedule a conference call to go over the new information. You will receive the final version within another 2-3 weeks, depending on the amount of work that needs to be accomplished.


Finally, filmmaking is a craft. And while there are no absolutes, we have been doing this for many years. You will want – and need - us to make the final creative decisions as regards building the most powerful ‘filmed-message’ we can. We know the blood, sweat and tears you have put into your product or service, and you can count on us to put that same effort into the (filmed) telling of your story.


We look forward to working together,



Charles Chiara, Peter Mackie and the Clear Stream Media Group team.