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Meet Our Team

Charlie Chiara - Producer / Cinematographer / Editor

With over 26 years in the entertainment business, Charlie has produced programming in almost every media format. Charlie was at the forefront of the video explosion of the 1980s when he was a Partner at Selluloid Video, the Culver City based production company where he developed and line-produced a number of award-winning shows. After a run with Clio Award winning visual-effects boutique Image G (Star Trek - The Next Generation), Charlie joined his friend Morris Eisenman to form Dinamo Entertainment, where they produced 3 feature films in 4 years. Charlie recognized the fantastic potential for video / film distribution and the benefit of featuring marketing videos on corporate and non-profit websites. For over six years, Charlie has grown Clear Stream Media Group into an elite video and media production agency. With almost 30 years of experience, Clear Stream represents Clients of every field, globally.

Peter Mackie - Writer / Director / Cinematographer / Editor

With an extensive background in advertising and marketing, Peter is a long-term Writer’s Guild Member and Screen Actor’s Guild voice-over artist. He is an accomplished movie writer and has sold screenplays to many Hollywood movie studios.

With years of experience writing, directing, and producing a large variety of projects, Peter writes and directs most of Clear Stream Media Group's video campaigns. He has the amazing ability to find the real story behind a client’s product or service, and is able to translate this story into a powerful and entertaining marketing tool.


Ciaran Hope - Composer / Sound Engineering / Pangea Music

Ciaran is an accomplished musician and has composed music for all film mediums. He has produced work for Academy Award Nominated producer Jack Green as well as legendary producer Elliot Kastner, orchestrated the Golden Globe Nominated score for Michael Mann's "The Insider", and written music for television hits such as"Buffy the Vampire Slayer". A Fulbright Scholarship Winner, Ciaran studied film scoring at UCLA after finishing his Master's Degree in Music Composition in Trinity College Dublin.
At Clear Stream, Ciaran makes our audio tracks sing. Our clients rarely notice his work but we do. As they say, if you don't notice it then it is perfect. And our sound tracks are really clear and clean, thanks to Ciaran. When the budget allows for original music Ciaran also creates magical and powerful scores for CSGM.

John Beaty - Technology / Hardware / Software

Like the lawyer you never knew you needed, we have gained so much from having John here at CSMG and we have grown our technology trmendously thanks to him. Before, we had dozons of hard drives all over the place with all our projects scattered about. And we could not share media. Now, all our work stations are all connected to a central server where all our media resides.  We cal all can access any shot from the last 6 years though the server, and edit directy from the server. That also means all the new work is instantly saved on the server, which backs itself up every night. Thanks for this amazing upgrade. Okay, we paid for it but you did it. Our clients are the better for it.

Steve Taylor - Computer Graphics Designer / Cinematographer

As the owner of Digital Spatula, Steve Taylor caught our eye when we needed affordable graphics for our films. As our sophistcation grew, so did our desire to add After Effects graphics to our films and media clips. But we has just become proficient at Motion and really did not have the time or energy to learn a complicated graphics software. Along came Steve to save the day. Not only are his graphics nice and clean, but they are just has an intutive sense of what the project needs. Then it turns out he is a really good cinematographer. Now, he is our go-to person for graphics and one of our trusted filming partners.

Jona Bailey - Business Manager

Our day-to-day accounting matters are capably handled by Jona Bailey, who started her accounting career in very large CPA firms over 30 years ago. A Southern California native, she also spent 20 years living and working on tropical islands where she learned that she would rather direct her energy into smaller, collaborative organizations. Jona has been with Clear Stream Media Group since 2010, and we and our clients enjoy having her aloha spirit in our business office. Outside of the office, she carries her love for collaboration into the opera world, where you can find her singing and acting in the ensemble of a local opera company

Nani Sahra Walker - Associate Producer / Writer

Sahra has worked in video, broadcast television and independent films in New York, San Francisco, Kathmandu, New Delhi, Madrid and most recently Los Angeles. She met Charlie in India when they collaborated together for the first time on an Organic India production. Years later, they meet again in the creative capital of the world – Los Angeles. Sahra brings her fresh writing, producing and camera skills to the Clear Stream team. In her free time, she likes to walk in the mountains, and play the harmonium.

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